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Kiyotaka Izumi, piano

On retiendra, magnifiquement jouées par le pianiste Kiyotaka Izumi, les vieilles Mélodies et Danses flamandes (1941-1943) rhabillant, en les épiçant à peine, dix-neuf pièces d’un claveciniste gantois du XVIIIe siècle.

Diapason, January 2015


Chopin’s music is often played too softly and melodramatically. Kiyotaka gives it quite a different interpretation: sincere, poetic and strongly narrative.

Steenvoorde concerten, 23rd September 2012


In his interpretations of Grieg, Tchaikovsky and Chopin Kiyotaka shows that romanticism is nothing else than life itself; in all its aspects, from melancholy and sadness, drama, chaos, to love and joy. With his encore, a wonderful own adaptation of the Japanese national anthem, Kiyotaka seems to want to emphasize it even more: music is about emotion, just like life itself .

Maarten Haasnoot, Witte weekblad, August 2012


His piano playing is controlled. It contains both virtuosity and drama.

De Toonzetter, Kwartaalblad Adegeest, 10/04/2012


Izumi’s interpretation of Grieg’s Lyrical Pieces sounds distinctly sweet, gentle and accessible. Grieg’s work also expresses deep emotions and speaks straight to the heart.

De Toonzetter, Witte weekblad 15/03/2011


His interpretation creates charm and magic. Supported by a clear, delicate and sparkling piano playing, he gives deeper emotions and sadness his own interpretation. When playing Grieg’s impressions of loneliness, night, nostalgia, country, nature, the seasons, party, fairy tales, domesticity (lullaby) or youth remembrances, Kiyotaka Izumi always sounds sensitive and suggestive. He sets the proper atmosphere for quiet enjoyment of familiar music.

Els Baert -Van den Eynde, VGV Magazine, January 2011


Izumi puts all his personality into Chopin and one gets the impression that both are in some way equal. Izumi is a sensitive man. The intimate world of Chopin as a whole is exposed. One can hear tenderness, longing, anticipation, unanswered and rejected love, intense passion and emotion. Izumi gives us a very intimate look into Chopin.

Ludwig Van Mechelen, Klassiek Centraal, 21.12.2010


In this CD Izumi undergoes a metamorphosis and becomes Grieg in person. That is the feeling that overcomes the listener. Its gentle, loving, friendly, longing, dreaming… conjures up the smell of the salty Norwegian waters and the sight of the fjords and the endless forests. Izumi knows how to interpret all these emotions. A beautiful recording that you will be proud to own..                                                                                                                                  

Ludwig Van Mechelen, Klassiek Centraal, 8.11.2010

The spontaneous succes of this promising Japanese pianist revealed to the audience his artistic ability in the rendition of Emmanuel Durlet’s delicate piece Jardin de Fra Angelico. He interpreted it with supple technique, clear and expressive sound, enthusiastically received by a large audience. This young artist is able to interpret Gabriel Fauré’s music with class, probity and a fluid legato. The recital ended with panache, light technique, beautiful sound and flow of clarity with Chopin’s Sonate N° 3.

Olivier, La Semaine, 29th April 2004


At the International Emmanuel Durlet Competition 2002, Kiyotaka Izumi played the most beautiful and perfect interpretation of “The Legend of the Witching Keep”. A well-deserved prize for the best interpretation of this musical piece by Emmanuel Durlet.                                                                                                                  

Eefje Kostermans, De Pianowereld, March 2004

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